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Nguyen Ngoc Dien

Nguyen Ngoc Dien.jpg

Nguyen Ngoc Dien, born in 1980 in Tuyen Quang province, graduated from the Art Pedagogy Department of the Central University of Art Pedagogy in 2008. Since 2011, Dien has been actively participating in regional and national exhibitions, garnering recognition such as the prestigious Art Award C from the National Committee of the Vietnam Union of Literary and Arts Associations in 2011 and again in 2022.


Dien's notable series focuses on the persimmon, a fruit of profound significance in Vietnamese culture. It is prominently featured during festivals and is a customary part of fruit offerings. Across Asia, persimmons symbolize good luck, fertility, prosperity, and longevity.


The persimmon fruit exudes a captivating visual beauty that mesmerizes the senses. Its round, plump form carries a gradient of colors, transitioning from vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow, reminiscent of a warm sunset. The smooth, glossy skin reflects light in subtle ripples, adding a dynamic texture to its surface. The artist's choice of the persimmon is also rooted in its transformative journey from astringency to sweetness, mirroring themes of patience and change. Dien's exploration of this fruit celebrates not only its beauty but also its deeper symbolic meanings.


Utilizing oil paint as his primary medium, Dien skillfully brings his canvases to life. The unique qualities of oil paint, including its solidity, luster, depth, and the ability to create exquisite glazes, perfectly complement Dien's artistic vision. Through meticulous technique, Dien achieves a captivating realism that immerses viewers in the vivid still lifes he passionately portrays.

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