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Nguyen Minh Son


Nguyen Minh Son was born and grew up in Bac Ninh province of Vietnam. His hometown has many traditional craft villages. It is one of the best places in Vietnam to have many temples pagodas. It is also famous for spiritual culture in Vietnam. He has loved paintings since he was a young boy.

When he grew up, he studied at the Vietnam University of Fine Art. He has travelled much in his country. He has felt and absorbed the natural beauty of different places that he has visited.

The colors, style, and technique in his paintings make bushes, reeds, and flowers more vibrant, giving quaint and charming countryside scenes.

Selected exhibitions include Group Exhibition atContemporary Art Center of Hanoi (2001-2002); GroupExhibition at Fine Arts College of Hanoi (2002); GroupExhibition in London (2003); Solo Exhibition at Hilton Hotelin Hanoi (2004); Group Exhibition in Singapore (2005); SoloExhibition in USA (2006); Group exhibition in Singapore(2006); Group Exhibition in UK and Hong Kong (2007);Group Exhibition in Hanoi (2006 - 2007); Solo Exhibition inHong Kong (2008); and Solo Exhibition in Texas, USA(2009).

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