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Nguyen Manh Hung

Nguyen Manh Hung.jpg

Nguyen Manh Hung was born in 1984. He graduated from the the Central College of Music and Art in 2008 and from the Vietnam Fine Art University 2012.

“The forest filled my entire childhood, as I’d walk through the woods to school”, recalls Manh Hung. When he traversed the majestic woodlands, he felt a special atmosphere, a dreamlike meditative experience. He clearly remembers the sun peeking through the canopies and scattering light across the vibrant colors in the foliage, bringing inner peace to his soul.


Drawing upon nature’s splendor, he uses dynamic visual rhythms and textured compositions in his  abstract landscapes. While minimalist at first glance, the play of light provides a vivid luminosity while conveying the joy and fulfillment Manh Hung felt roaming the rolling hills of his childhood.


With his unique visual language and precise vocabulary of colors, the artist reveals his emotive and intuitive approach to art. Imbued with a rich narrative and dense imagery, Manh Hung’s paintings invite us to travel the forests. Soon this journey turns inwards as we are lulled by the radiant moonlight, exposing the longing in our hearts while we seek sanctuary among the trees.


Much like the forest, Nguyen Manh Hung’s paintings express the unceasing motions of life. Through the ebbs and flows of his art, we become wanderers and dreamers, taken in by the power of the living world and its unspeakable beauty.

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