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Mireia Serra


Mireia Serra was born in 1973, she  graduated from the Llotja School of Art in Barcelona, specialized in iron and bronze, then took an advanced bronze casting course in Llotja de Barcelona. She further studied in Barcelona with the sculptor Jorge Egea in the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern (European Museum of Modern Art), improving her portrait technique.

Mireia creates sensuous sculptures showing the beauty of snapshots caught in life which are full of emotions and feelings along the life journey. Her little artworks capture the beauty of moments:  A young lady challenged by the adventure of a new trip,  a young man  pondering about his dreams, a lost girl thinking about different options to know more about  herself.

Mireia vividly demonstrates how a piece of fine art sculpture could incorporate into our daily life, linking us with art that inspires and triggers us to contemplate about life and relationship. The sculptress aptly concludes her work as creating  “Figurative sculptures depicting contemporary everyday scenes. Reflect my inner world thus expressing moods and desires, feelings, joys and concerns stemming from my relationship with the world”.


At present Mireia lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

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