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Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong

Huong Duong_edited.jpg

Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong's unique technique; a combination of gestural abstraction and pointillism, and the overall vibrancy and vivid colour palette sets his paintings apart. 

He moves deftly around the canvas, dripping his brush into paints and flicking the colours about. Chaotic as it may seem, the artist is very much in control. The finished painting is predetermined in the artist’s mind, and he then directs the way the paint falls, the height at which he drops paint and accumulation of paint to create the desired texture. Slowly, the drops and splatters come together to reveal a colourful floral symphony on canvas. 

Nature is Duong’s primary inspiration and most iconic of all his creations are his resplendent cherry blossom paintings. The artist’s dynamic painting technique is well suited for a beautiful, vivacious flower that captures the first breath of spring. 

At times, Duong departs from his bright cherry blossoms and explores the hidden depths of nature, with his deep forest and undergrove paintings. By expertly layering colours, he creates depth and opens up his landscapes, drawing the viewer into mysterious, fantastical lands. 

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