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Le Minh Duc

Le Minh Duc copy.JPG

Le Minh Duc was born in 1981 and graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 2005. It’s the simple, often overlooked things that Le Minh Duc finds inspiration and solace in; the smallest alley, billowing laundry on a clothesline, the sunset over a roof-top. These spaces and moments offer an idyllic escape from the bustle and stress of the city. 

On his canvas, the artist adorns these quiet spaces with brightly coloured blooms in heavy impasto; a unique painterly technique that creates a separate reality on canvas. Richly hued thick dabs of paint combined with impressionism communicates the artist's vision of nature's beauty and vitality and urges the viewer to step inside and bask in the calm and serenity that can be found on a quiet, summer afternoon.


Duc has been recognized as a significant young talent (Asian Art News) to watch and his paintings are being rapidly collected by enthusiasts intrigued with his realistic style. He recently completed solo exhibitions in Dubai and Singapore and Tokyo.

His works are currently being carried in galleries in Singapore, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Finland, Belgium and Hanoi.

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