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Hoang Linh

Hoang Linh.jpeg

Hoang Ba Linh was born in 10 Oct 1990 in Hai Binh ward, Nghi Son town, Thanh Hoa.

Hoang Linh explores the complexity, diversity and fragility of the cultural heritage of Vietnamese ethnic minorities, especially the children, in his latest series.

His intricately expressive portraits of young children, adorned in colourfully patterned tribal costume and accessories are set against an unknown abstract background, meant to withdraw the highland child from her world and thrust her forth into the forefront of Vietnamese culture.

The loose textural background and tightly rendered visage brings an emotional quality to his vibrant portraits and allows the viewer to imagine the lives and stories of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities.

He chooses to focus on children and women, as their eyes and expressions on their faces carry the weight of stories untold. Their eyes are always set forward, embodying a wildness and innocence, optimism and uncertainty. It reminds Linh that life is undoubtedly hard but beauty must be preserved.

Linh creates a three dimensional effect in his portraits by layering thick paint and creating marks with visible brush strokes. This creates a powerful connection between the viewer and the artist’s subject, bridging worlds and connecting us to the poignant humanity residing in the mountains of Vietnam.

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