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Gerard Rancinan


Born in 1953 in France, Gérard Rancinan lives and works in Paris.

The photographer travels the globe, bearing first-hand witness of events of historical magnitude. The artist comes face to face with the complexity of the human condition and the random by which it is fashioned. Driven by an imperious need to express himself, he delivers startling images of the contemporary world, filtered through an ever-evolving aesthetic prism.

Gérard Rancinan is an investigator deconstructing the great sagas of contemporary life, and a portraitist. He is best known for his photographs of athletes, artists, ecclesiastics and politicians. His images have earned him a number of prizes, including four prestigious World Press Awards. Gérard Rancinan is an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters.

His oeuvre is beyond compare. For Rancinan, photography is above all an instrument of thought, a means to express and commit, a militant perspective on our era.

Carefully staged, his artworks refer to classical masterpieces, from Velázquez to Géricault, influenced by his encounters and the artist’s talent, giving birth to fascinating creations that engage the viewer.

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