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Duong Sen

Duong Sen_edited.jpg

As an artist well known for his eccentricity, it makes sense that Duong Sen is credited for bringing a unique blend of the iconic Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements to the 21st century. The former high ranking policeman, now esteemed artist and curious oddball, embodies the defining feature of Vietnamese art; east meets west. 

The medium that brought him International recognition is lacquer, the medium of masterpieces in Vietnam. His creations feature minute variations of a diverse palette of earth colours illuminated by gold. While the application of gold leaf is typical in Vietnamese lacquer art, his liberal and bold use of gold inspires an ethereal feel reminiscent of ancient mosaic. His paintings are characterised by curves, asymmetrical forms and intense colours that invoke the Art Nouveau era. 

Adding to the complexity of his works, he uses geometric shapes and angular patterns that is unmistakably Art Deco. Whether it’s his intricate abstracts, or his figurative works with naive, doe-eyed young women, all his paintings reveal the artist’s whimsy and free-spirited nature. 

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