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Duong Ngoc Son


ARTIST DUONG NGOC SON (b.1973) graduated from the Fine Art University in Ho Chi Minh City in 1997. Inspired by Impressionism , Duong Ngoc Son has made his paintings different from other impressionistic paintings with women in Ba Ba (Vietnamese traditional dress) or in Ao Dai, which are typical things of Vietnam.

While many in the arts circle have sought to create their own style, Duong Ngoc Son ‘s style was probably formed from his sincere, strong and exclusive love of nature. Duong Ngoc Son wants to reveal his feelings and emotion on the canvas, which he hopes the viewer can resonate with. His paintings clearly reflect his personality, simple, honest but determined, open and innocent but profound. The flowers, leaves and grass are not graceful and charming but hot, bustling and noisy.

His works can be seen at Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum and are also sold at Heritage, Borobudur and Larasati Fine Arts Auction in Indonesia and Singapore. His works are also seen in many private collections in Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

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