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Dinh Quan


Dinh Quan was born in 1964 in Hai Phong and graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1990.


One of Vietnam’s most recognized artists, Dinh Quan paintings reflect his journey towards enlightenment. Each artwork is weaved together with his emotions, his memories, and his Buddhist beliefs, all uniting harmoniously through the exquisite medium of Vietnamese lacquer. Every layer represents Dinh Quan’s inner self, where his female forms exude strength and resilience. Femininity is his primary subject, linked to his strong Buddhist faith and his devotion to his family.


“A mother is the Sky, a  mother is the Earth… I honor women for the love, despair and doubt that they impart to me”, says Dinh Quan as he often depicts women in a surrealistic style.


Dinh Quan has experimented with innovative approaches to the traditional art of lacquer painting and invented a unique and dynamic variation. 


Dinh Quan has exhibited throughout Vietnam, China, Japan, France, Singapore, Norway, Philippines, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Thailand, and Taiwan. His works are part of collections in the Singapore Art Museum, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum and the National Art Gallery of Malaysia.

Dinh Quan’s work is also part of many private collections worldwide.

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