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Dao Xuan Tinh

Dao Xuan Tinh_edited.jpg

“I feel the real beauty is the beauty of the people: It may be the virtue of their hearts, the unique strength of their character, the grace of their traits, or the unique path of their lives and their uncommon fate. This is what I want to bring into my art and that is to convey my own views of human beauty. I love to travel and visit hill tribes in the remote areas of Vietnam. Those ethnic minorities, which spread through China and South East Asia, have a very fascinating lifestyle.


They are so close to nature, their attitude is so serene as if influenced by the natural beauty of the mountains that surround them. The ladies would regularly come down to the valley to sell fruits and vegetables in the market. This is when you can catch the gleaming shine of their colorful clothes and the charm on their faces, create the most enchanting contrast. These images remain in my memory as pure beauty which I then translate into art on my canvas.”

Dao Xuan Tinh was born in 1981 in Thai Binh, Vietnam. He graduated from the Art Central University of Hanoi in 2004 and from the Vietnam Fine Art University in Hanoi in 2009. He received an early recognition for his art and his very own way of using colors through his participation in several annual exhibitions from 2005 to 2011, such as the National Art Exhibition and the Hanoi Young Artist Exhibition. In 2013 he was sponsored by ArtBlue Studio (Singapore) to participate in a group exhibition in Hong Kong, and in Malaysia.

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