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Antoine Gaussin

Antoine Gaussin.png

Antoine Gaussin studied journalism and photography.  As a journalist he travelled a lot in Africa – in the South Sahara region – and in Mongolia.  Gradually he began focusing increasingly on photography and worked at forging a strong a graphic identity for himself by offering works on the border of photography and art.

His ethereal collection “Rivages” is more an evocation than a representation of the subject itself. Antoine strips all the superficial details and keeps only the quintessence of the scene. The end result is refined and minimalist, inviting the viewer to dive into his photographs and begin an almost meditative inner journey. 

When struck by the ever-changing skies in magical light in Skagen, Denmark; where the Baltic North Seas meet, he decided to create the series “Ocean Languages” from the same vantage point in different seasons. The disproportion of the sky in its framing reminds us of the immensity of the universe. The sand which is the only part of the image is perfectly clear, coming to establish the idea of eternity of the Earth and the slightly blurred people remind us that we are only passing through. 

He excels at expressing a feeling of visual solitude punctuated by small points of reference. The series creates a powerful feeling of peace and serenity. By concentrating on black and white and using a “silky” paper, he creates an imaginary world rather than just a reality.

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